10 Ways to Help a Writer Out

Although I absolutely love it when you buy my books, there are many more ways to support poets and writers like me… Here are TEN ways you can help creatives (moi, specifically!) out.

  1. You can buy a copy of Appalachian Ground orWolf Laundry or Reflection With Crow on Amazon. You can even get a special author-signed copy if you purchase directly from me, or send/bring me your already-purchased copies.
  2. You can buy more copies of my books to give as gifts for friends.
  3. You can leave me a review on Amazon. This makes a HUGE difference in how often Amazon will show my listing to others, and how well it will sell.
  4. You can take a photo of a poem you love in the book, and post it to Facebook or Instagram or whatever social platforms you use, and share the Amazon link so that others can buy the book.
  5. You can subscribe to this blog, or follow me on Facebook, and share your enthusiasm and support for what I’m doing with likes and comments.
  6. Invite me to do an interview on YOUR blog or website, or feature a post about my work.
  7. Suggest one of my books as a possible candidate for your reading/book group.
  8. Attend a reading! I’ve done several of these locally, and I always post information about them here or on Facebook. I’ve even done readings online.
  9. Hire me! I do custom writing and editing, and I build websites and courses as well. I can also help you write, edit, and publish YOUR book…
  10. You can forward this post/link to a friend or two who might also be interested.


No matter how you choose to be connected, supportive, or involved, thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Did I mention how much I adore you? 😍


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