Appalachian Spiceberry Peach Pie

Appalachian Spiceberry Peach Pie

We both love the Appalachian spicebush (Lindera benzoin) trees that grow in the understory of our woods. The leaves are bright yellow in fall, and the flowers are bright yellow in the spring when the daffodils arrive.

We had such a good spiceberry harvest last October, and it’s taken us this long to finally make a pie with some of the dried berries. I say “us” but while I picked and dried the berries, I had nothing to do with the actual pie-making other than enjoying every bite.

For some mysterious supply chain reason, frozen pie crusts have been hard to find, and Lance and I are not much for making our own. But when I finally found some (and bought all 6 they had in the freezer case, too) I requested a Appalachian spiceberry fruit pie. I’ve made tea from spicebush twigs, but have been wanting to cook with this fragrant and delicious local wild fruit.

Lance's Appalachian Spiceberry Peach Pie
Lance’s Appalachian Spiceberry Peach Pie

The flavor is a little bit vanilla spice chai, and it’s the perfect compliment to the peaches. These peaches were frozen, but I can tell you right now that it would be out of this world with fresh, juicy peaches up from Georgia this summer.

Here’s the recipe Lance put together. Lance's Spiceberry Peach Pie RecipeLance’s Spiceberry Peach Pie Recipe

Cook the pie at 375° for about 5o minutes, then let the pie cool for 20 minutes, if you can stand to wait.

And since I used my old coffee grinder to powder my dried spiceberries, now any coffee I grind in there will have a lovely taste to it, too.

PS: Here’s an Appalachian spicebush bonus: a photo of our spicebush swallowtail butterflies—which lay their eggs on spiceberry tree leaves—and, hey! A poem about the spicebush butterfly.

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