Our road in snow light

Big January Snow

At first we could still take the troops out in it, and believe me, snow or no snow, they love to go out. But we kept our hikes short, because of the bitter cold.

The first snow, about 10 days ago, was only a couple of inches, the kind that doesn’t really inconvenience anyone, and makes everything look pretty.

A few days ago, it really started piling up.

Looking out off the front porch
Looking out off the front porch

Last night we got a fresh layer of about 5-6 inches on top of the 8 inches or so we already had, and now it’s officially a Big Snow.

We don’t get one of these every year.

Generally we get around 25 inches of snow each winter (for comparison, New York gets 30, Chicago gets 40, and Minneapolis about 50), but usually we don’t get this much all at once.

Today we bundled up to trek (without the animals) down to see what the road looks like.

When I checked earlier, the temperature was about 4°, with a wind chill of -6°. Even with wool socks, heavy boots, yaktrax, gaiters, heavy duty gloves, scarves, hats, and coats, it was incredibly cold, the kind you don’t want to breathe in too deeply, because it will start a coughing fit that’s hard to get out of. (Ask me how I know.)

Mailboxes down at the end of the drive
Mailboxes down at the end of the drive (I take this photo every time, can’t help myself.)

We are used to snows, but it’s not common for us to have lots of single-digit and even sub-zero temperatures. Although we’ve (mostly) figured out how to manage it now. We keep a heater under the house, along with a temperature monitor, and that’s how we keep our pipes from freezing. We keep our yaktrax handy, and park at the bottom of the driveway in order to get out if we know we are going to need to.

And we keep plenty of firewood on hand, of course.

Our road was plowed yesterday morning, but today it looked like maybe they hadn’t gotten to it very recently. With the weird light, it looks a bit apocalyptic, doesn’t it? I love the beech tree on the left, still clinging to its leaves.

Our road in snow light
Our road in snow light

We only saw two sets of prints, one deer and one coyote, although I startled a bird out of the seep, which scared us both. I hoped she hadn’t been there unwillingly—half frozen or something—because she flew up only a foot or two and dropped back into the seep about 10 feet downmountain from me. The snow formed a deep cleft on either side of the water, and I hoped she was able to use that as shelter, but I don’t know.

For that reason, it makes me feel good to end with these photos of Rocky and Pippi, entirely cozy and warm.

PS: Nope, I haven’t been painting. I have just been sitting here watching “snow tv” out the windows, drinking cup after cup of mocha and hot tea.

Oh, and reading. (Warning: If you ever ask me to tell you about Murderbot, I may never stop gushing. I love the Murderbot Diaries, I’ve given every one of the first SEVEN books 5 stars on Amazon. Each one keeps getting better and better. I just downloaded book #8.) (Btw, they are all available for FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited, and they have won about a zillion awards. Like Nebula, Hugo, Philip K. Dick, Locus, etc.) (Not to mention having over forty-five thousand 5 star reviews on Amazon.)

(Like I said, hard to stop.)

Stay warm, y’all. And always have books to read. And cats to shed on you. Leave the woodstove mess. You don’t have to sweep that up every day.

4 comments on “Big January Snow

  1. Enjoying the Big Snow up on Tater Hill too. Lots of snow tv watching!

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      Tater Hill! We’re neighbors, then, or near enough! I have lovely friends out on Loafer’s Joy. You are in a pretty pretty place!

  2. Snow watching here in WV too, but trying to get a few things done. We made snow ice cream yesterday, which always brings back memories of when my sons were young.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      Snow cream! It’s been years since I’ve done that. Fun 🙂

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