Blue sky and barn 2

Blue Sky & Barn

For me, this one was about the color of the sky.

I was struggling to make the exact turquoise-blue I wanted from my little set of paints, so I went to the Michael’s and bought a set of basic tubes of watercolor paint. With those, I was able to get exactly the sky color I wanted.

And I love barns, don’t you? This one is tiny (not intimidating at all), and it came together nicely.

The field, on the other hand, was a major pain. Learning curves are not always where you think they’ll be.

Blue sky and barn
Blue sky and barn

But overall I’m pretty content with how I got through this one, and what I learned from it.

Btw, here are two tiny (3×3 inch) sketches I did from an online tutorial that were fun, fast, and helped me get ready for my bigger (9×12 inch) barn piece.

I’d like to do a barn with a barn quilt on it, and also I’m ready to try my hand at sunsets over the mountains. Plus here are some gorgeous beans that my uncle grew and photographed recently. Those want to be painted as well, I think…



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