Pippi and Beezus


I said I would do this once all my boxes were unpacked. What I meant by “all” was “some.” So that makes today Caturday. My plan was to drive out to the Ashe Humane Society adoption event and come home with one kitten or cat.


Did you know they will waive the second fee if you adopt two?

These sisters were alone together in the kitten room, throwing a rip-roaring party for themselves. Pippi (left) is curious and brave and bananas about mouses, and Beezus (right) is shy, cuddly, and purrs like a diesel engine.

Once home, they started out in the mudroom, but have already ventured up into the kitchen and den. Pippi carefully eyeballed the distance from the floor straight up to the top of the pantry shelves, and also tried out Rocky’s bed. Beezus climbed into my lap for a cuddle before they both headed back to hide behind the washing machine for a safety break.

It’s a good Caturday.

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