dandelions ramps deadnettle violets salad

Dandelion, Ramp, Deadnettle, & Violet Salad

These wild ramps are growing right in the middle of my trails, among other places. They are so beautiful and fragrant (a cross between green onion and garlic), shining in the pale March sun. The deer don’t eat them, but I do.

I didn’t have anything to dig with, but a sturdy oak twig served well enough, and soon I was headed back down the mountain.

Wild ramps growing in the trail
Wild ramps growing in the trail

When I came out into the bee yard, I couldn’t resist stooping down to pluck a handful of purple deadnettle, which is flowering madly anywhere there’s full sun. They were mixed with spring violets, which also went into my pocket. All I needed now was some greens.

Yesterday we had a light rain, and the young dandelions are up, washed, and spiking off the muddy ground. Perfect!

Freshly washed greens, ramps, and flowers
Freshly washed greens, ramps, and flowers

After two water baths, I drained everything in my colander, chopped it all up, added a drizzle of vinegar and olive oil, and enjoyed my wild March salad in the sun.

dandelion ramp deadnettle violet salad
Dandelion, ramp. deadnettle, and violet salad

*Always make sure of your identification. And if a patch is small, don’t take it all.

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