Decent winter trees!

Decent Winter Trees!

I’ve been working on painting with a faster hand, and trying not to muddy things up with overworking them. I did a couple of sunsets this week, and while the first one was a mess, the second was better.

Overworked sunset, whew!
Overworked sunset, whew! Also had problems with the masking fluid.

I’m learning how to use masking fluid, too, which is how I kept the sun coming through the clouds light in this watercolor. (There are tutorials for everything on YouTube.)

And the picture below was my first effort at bare winter trees, which went far better than I expected. Sometimes, when you’re learning and you are keenly aware of everything you don’t know how to do, you get a nice surprise and something comes out okay.

Decent winter trees!
Decent winter trees!

I’ll post a piece from last week (alas, also overworked), which I was doing to try and get deeper, richer pigments. In watercolor, you either do this with lots of wet on wet washes, or by letting layers dry and painting them again (and again). My painting looks somewhat like the tutorial’s did, but I like my version of a turquoise sky with a touch of pink in the clouds!

Heavy pigments from repeated washes
Heavy pigments from repeated washes


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