Deer by the house

Deer Every Day

It’s funny to see how close the deer will get to the house. The young ones, particularly.

They are more or less used to our little dog, who barks furiously if he sees them, but wouldn’t dare chase them.

We don’t feed them, or keep compost, or have birdfeeders. Too many bears! And yet the deer will still come right up to the house.

I’ve startled deer off the deck, even. (That one nearly startled ME off the deck.)

Even so, they make good neighbors, and I enjoy seeing them around.

2 comments on “Deer Every Day

  1. I enjoy seeing them at a distance, but they are not welcome in my gardens, lol! My dogs do a good job of keeping the deer away from the areas close to the house, thank goodness. They are welcome to all the rest of our land, just not right here.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      I hear you. Gardens are a LOT of work! We are up in a shady holler, and have tried to grow many different things over the years and have had very little luck. My neighbors, who have an open pasture with a huge fenced garden across the road from our holler, do very well with their goodies, and I’m quite sure they have a zero tolerance for deer in their garden, too!

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