deer jawbones

Deer Jawbones, Sarvis, & Best Trail Nibbles

A few months ago a deer was hit not far down our road, and I’ve been waiting for some of the bones to turn up on the mountain. I was down in the creek looking at our skunk cabbage, and found these jawbones.

Sometimes when I find one bone, I’ll find others nearby, but this time it was only the two mandibles, mostly clean and dry. They may stay around this summer, but eventually the local animals will carry them off to knaw and eat them for their good mineral content.

deer jawbones
deer jawbones

In bud and bloom right now are redbud—we only have one on our mountain, but they are dotted here and there in town—and sarvice or juneberry (Amelanchier). The may apple patches are easy to see everywhere in the understory, and will have their blooms soon.

I didn’t intend to forage on this hike, but there are too many of my favorite trail nibbles to turn down. Topping that list are the tender young greens of Solomon’s seal, along with spring beauties and violet blooms and leaves.

Also good are the leaves of smooth rock cress. This one was right be Pippi when she heard something that got her fur up.

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