Farm below Peak oil painting final

Farm Below Peak Oil Painting

Yesterday I had Lance slow down on the road enough for me to take a quick photo of a view of our mountain that I love. Today I sat down to paint it.

Farm below Peak
Farm below Peak

The thing I love the MOST about this particular painting is this wonderful 10″ x 20″ canvas size! My mother got me two of these last time I was out to visit. The shape really lends itself to a landscape, I think.

Warm hugs to Mom who bought me this canvas and several others, and to all my supporters on Patreon who make my painting explorations possible. You are the very best, and I appreciate you so much.

I hope you enjoy this tranquil scene from the rural reaches of Ashe county, North Carolina!

2 comments on “Farm Below Peak Oil Painting

  1. Beth Copeland

    Beautiful pastoral view of “our” mountain!

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      I so love all the different views of the Peak: from your house, from the summit of Elk Knob, from down on 88… It continues to inspire!

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