Geranium Rescue Operation

Mother’s Day is past, which means it’s probably safe to put in your flower garden without danger of losing everything to a late frost.

So I dropped by the plant nursery to pick up some flowers for our front deck. Red geraniums are one of my favorite flowers for the pots on the front deck, because the hummers like them (and I can’t put out feeders because of the bears), they are happy in our shady holler, and they are easy to please. I’m much like my father in that we both have a pretty good idea what a plant wants, and I’m very good with geraniums.

Which is why I was delighted to show up at exactly the time when one of the nursery workers was clearing out all the rootbound, bedraggled, struggling geraniums that hadn’t sold. Some had also been trimmed incorrectly, and others were planted too shallow.

The nursery worker was clearing them off the shelves and marking them half price, and I couldn’t fill my cart fast enough. I know exactly how to rehab them, and barring a frost, I can pretty much guarantee every single one will recover and thrive.

Geranium rescues plus more
Geranium rescues plus more

I told Lance, as I trimmed and cleaned them all up so we could pot them, this is our geranium rescue operation!

I like buying flowers like this, and have brought home items off the clearance racks several times before. None have done as well as my geraniums; we really seem to have an affinity for each other!

half price geraniums
half price geraniums!

PS: I also bought some marigolds, because I want to paint them. They won’t be thrilled to live here—they really want more sun than we get—but they’ll manage.

Lisa's Marigolds
Lisa’s Marigolds

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