Getting up Hay Oil Painting

Getting Up Hay Oil Painting (& New Painting Trick)

So I tricked myself into painting twice in a week!

Or maybe I just smarty-pantsed my way.

I had the brilliant idea to set up the day before, choosing my subject and laying all my paints out on my palette so that all I had to do was come in, sit down, and paint.

And it worked! Check this out:

Getting Up Hay Oil Painting
Getting Up Hay Oil Painting

The puffy clouds are nice, aren’t they? I like them the best.

The tractor was a challenge, but I made it to a point where I was ready to let it go and try another one later.

Here’s the photo I worked from; I took it a few days ago. I love seeing the farmers getting up hay. So tidy!

Getting Up Hay
Getting Up Hay

Who knows, I may have the hang of this “paint twice a week” thing. 😃

4 comments on “Getting Up Hay Oil Painting (& New Painting Trick)

  1. Beth Copeland

    Wow! That’s a great painting! Much better than the photo.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      You know, it actually got me thinking about trying to do more work that *isn’t* a reproduction of a photo. I mean, even more imaginative and/or abstract than this one. I’d like to try that, just need to figure out how it’s done…

  2. You captured the feel of it, for sure!

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      Thank you, Susanna. I always appreciate that you pop over to comment!

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