Goodbye Olive

Olive, you were such an easygoing sweetheart, and we loved our years with you. Thank you for your gifts of cat-silliness, and unreserved feline affection.

We’ll always remember your quirky food preferences (white bread and bananas), your pleasure at cramming yourself into the nativity barn, your ability to climb anything (to get a hot dog bun), and the many gifts of dead and mostly dead wild creatures you shared.

You gave the chipmunk population a run for its money, and I’m not sorry that you took care of the mouse in the kitchen for me.

We loved your funny feuds with Henry, the Mystery of the Nighttime Gagging Sounds, and how you liked to sit at the table and sleep in the flowerpots.

I remember how we had to carefully check every time before leaving the garage because you loved to dodge under the moving car when you were little.

You cheated death and used up every life you had, and had a ball doing it.

I miss you. See you again sometime, sunshine.

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