In the Beginning poem

In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was possibility.
Everywhere there was the open, the waiting, the imaginable.

A sigh of promise flowed
along the throat of the open,
and grew luminous with love.

That which glowed soon shone.
That which shone soon blazed with energy and joy:
the light of love sang into life.

This shining love was not separate from the beginning;
it was the beginning.
It was the hymn and heartbeat of all.

The lovesong grew stronger as it played.
It surged and expanded, and soon bright patterns began
to weave themselves within the song.

And so the skies and waters were born,
and the many lands and lights and creatures.
These were not separate from the lovesong,
they were the lovesong,
and the more they played,
the more new refrains and choruses arose,
all filled with the love and light from which they came.

We are not separate from the love,
the light, or the song.
We are not separate from the skies and waters,
the lands and lights, or from any of the creatures.
We are in them, and they are in us.
Together we are the hymn and heartbeat of all.


Photo by Clyde He on Unsplash

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