Iris and Wild Mint Bouquet

The blue irises have made their appearance in the roadside ditches and fields, and we have our own odd spots of them here and there on the mountain as well.

I collected a small handful from a patch that showed up for the first time up in the old bee yard.

I’m not sure if we’ll see the white irises that we normally get down by the road; that area took a lot of damage when the work crews came to clear around the power lines down there last year…

wild iris and mint bouquet
iris and mint bouquet

But if I know irises, they seem to lay low when things get rough, then show back up when they’re ready. I like that in a flower!

2 comments on “Iris and Wild Mint Bouquet

  1. How pretty! We don’t see that iris in the wild here, but others, like the pale yellow and pale blue, can be found.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      I probably love the yellow and white ones best. But I bet we won’t see those this year…

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