Bee hive, foxglove, encroaching jungle

Kittens in the Hole, Eastern Milk Snake, and the Encroaching Jungle

There’s another new batch of kittens living in the shed down the road, and they are—of course—very wary and shy.

Once this week they hopped into that hole in the wall and peered out when we came by. (Lance calls them “(W)hole kitties.”) I think there are four of them in the kittenpile, but I can only see two peering out of the hole after they jumped in.

Also, I found our cats sniffing after this little Eastern milk snake, and I gently carried her off before any damage could be done. We see these beautiful snakes once in a while, and always appreciate their clever mimicry (they can be mistaken for a copperhead) and natural gifts (they can eat venomous snakes because of a natural antitoxins in their blood).

Eastern milk snake
Eastern milk snake

This one got rehomed to a large, overgrown bottlebrush buckeye that is just too tangled up underneath for the cats to maneuver well.

Speaking of tangle, the jungle encroacheth! We don’t maintain a yard (only paths), and even though June has barely gotten started, we’re already feeling the push of the Big Green.

Bee hive, foxglove, encroaching jungle
Bee hive, foxglove (I counted 21 of them), & encroaching jungle

2 comments on “Kittens in the Hole, Eastern Milk Snake, and the Encroaching Jungle

  1. Virginia Turnage

    Cute kittens in a hole! Couldn’t see them very well. Don’t like snakes!!!

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      It’s hard to see them, isn’t it? We can’t get very close because they are so skittish! Still, cute fluffballs!

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