Marigold bouquet final

Marigold & Fern Leaf Bouquet Watercolor

I would love to learn to paint bunches of flowers so that the flowers are actually recognizable, which may sound simple, but it doesn’t seem simple at all to me.

So I chose this particular photo to paint from today, with the idea of really working to make the marigolds look like marigolds, and to keep them from clumping into a single blob.

And I do feel like I succeeded (yay!), although I would also like to be able to do it while maintaining the light, loose feel of the watercolor medium.

But you know. One thing at a time. I’m learning, and I’m willing to keep engaging the process.

Marigold & Fern Leaf Bouquet watercolor painting
Marigold & Fern Leaf Bouquet watercolor painting

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2 comments on “Marigold & Fern Leaf Bouquet Watercolor

  1. Lovely! You certainly have the wye, and the touch.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      Thank you, Susanna. I’m looking forward to trying a new painting medium soon. 🙂

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