Yellow field on Elk Knob watercolor

Misty Mountains and Yellow Field Watercolor

This weekend I sat down to see if I could paint the mist coming off the mountains and this pretty field of goldenrod that I see up on Elk Knob several times each week.

You may have seen the original photo I took of this spot in my “Slow Mountain Road” post from a few days ago.

I’m glad I gave this one a try.

Yellow field on Elk Knob watercolor
Yellow field on Elk Knob watercolor

And guess what I’m celebrating?

It’s my ONE YEAR paint-a-versary!

I remember sitting down one year ago this month to paint my very first watercolors.

Fields like this one were so intimidating! They’re still challenging, but not quite as much as they were a year ago.

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  2. Click here to see my first little red barn and yellow field.

Thanks for celebrating my one year paint-a-versary with me, y’all. The journey has been both unexpected and amazing. I’m glad I’m here, doing this.

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Thanks for taking the time to read and walk along these mountain paths with me…

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