toothwort, pink quartz, turkey feather, acorn caps

News of Spring

Before our hike today I went up to water my new raspberry transplants. Rocky rolled in the sun while the cats lolled in the driveway below, waiting for me to set off into the woods. They didn’t wait long.

We followed the clattering and scratching of a wild turkey flock up the mountain, where I learned that turkeys will a) happily use the trail, and b) happily use the trail for a potty break. They call it “fertilizing.” They left me a downy breast feather, which I added to a chip of rose quartz and an acorn cap (photo above), right where some toothwort is blooming.

At Big Rock, I sat long enough under the Singing Tree that I happened to see wild bees coming and going from one of the many holes in her old trunk.

Suddenly, violets! The wild bees were leaving the Singing Tree and visiting every violet on the mountain. “Here’s one, and here’s one, and here’s one,” they told me. The violets said much the same. “Everyone gets a bee! And another bee, and another!”

While following the bee-violet stitching and hitching, I discovered more cutleaf toothwort in bloom and spring ramps nearly ready to harvest.

Cutleaf toothwort in bloom
Cutleaf toothwort in bloom
Wild ramps!!
Wild ramps!!

We crossed the stream single file (Beezus in the lead, just like she prefers), admired a stick filled with woodpecker holes and a white quartz “moon” rock, and found three perfect snail shells for the mossy stump. We also decided the bridge would make a nice home for a lonely troll, and made a video of a new patch of watercress growing just under the bridge. (Do trolls like watercress?)

single file across the stream
Everyone crosses single file. Bee is line leader.

When we got home Pip and Bee rested in the shade of the new beehive bench Seth Asher is making for the honey bees, scheduled to arrive in April. Everywhere there is news of spring.

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