Plowed field in spring oil painting

Oil Painting for the First Time: Plowed Field in Spring

Well, I finally did it.

I bought a few supplies first: gesso-primed paper, a beginner oil paint set, a few inexpensive brushes, a little bottle of mineral spirits, and a wooden palette. Then I made myself a small spot on the kitchen table in the generous light (also by the warm fire), and began.

I used a small, 4×6 inch paper clipped to a masonite board, which I propped up using a small bamboo tabletop easel my mother gave me when I started doing watercolors.

Unfortunately, I chose a subject with a big sky, and skies are tricky!

I chose it because I had the idea that I’d do several of them likety-split, ha.

So I struggled through the sky, but the rest of it came together quite neatly. I spent a fair amount of time learning how the medium worked, but I expected that and I’m sure I’ll struggle less eventually.

Plowed field in spring oil painting
Plowed field in spring oil painting

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Hope you like seeing my first-ever oil painting! I can’t wait to do more of them.

2 comments on “Oil Painting for the First Time: Plowed Field in Spring

  1. Quite a challenge!

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      Now that the first one’s done, though, I think they’ll go easier!

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