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Peak, Pippi, and Piles of Laundry

Our washing machine broke recently, and Lance has cleared lines, replaced the pump, and done everything else he knows to do but nothing has worked yet.

We live in a remote enough area that it’s very hard to get repair people for services; one company said they would charge us $300 just to come out here.

So we’ve been making trips into town to the laundromat, which I haven’t minded all that much. At different times in our lives we spent many hours in laundromats, and I had forgotten the scents and the pleasant warmth (in fall and winter, anyway) of them. The one I was in this week was full of women chatting, and one or two college boys scrolling their phones. I remembered to bring dollar bills, one of the two change machines worked, and I managed to avoid the machines that didn’t work, which meant a successful laundry trip!

Here’s a pile of laundry that includes Pippi, who did not help us keep our clean laundry clean, sigh.

Pippi in the laundry
Pippi in the laundry

Finally, here’s our mountain (the tall one in the second row), from a stop I often make on my route into town.

Ironweed and Peak
Ironweed and Peak

And, the good news is that we finally found a person to come out and take a look at our washer later this week. Fingers crossed!

2 comments on “Peak, Pippi, and Piles of Laundry

  1. No fun having a broken washer. We usually just buy a secondhand one. They are often less than $100, and last quite a few years. But right now tbe used washer we bought a few months back is waaaaay out of balance and needs the suspension rods replaced. Which we will get to soon, but the dryer decided to quit heating today so we need to deal with that too. Life is never boring, is it?

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      Arrgh! Yeah, we buy extra heating elements (two at a time) because we know it’s going to go and we don’t want to wait for the part to come in. And we did get a repair guy in, who said our circuit/control board is blown and to replace it will cost three or four hundred dollars, so we’ve already sourced a new (used) washer, and are hoping for it to be here by the end of this week. WHEW.

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