Peonies oil painting final

Peonies on Gold

Well, I did try some new things for this painting, but they didn’t entirely pan out like I expected. Flowers are just challenging for me. I have’t yet decided whether I’ll keep this one, or paint over it with something new.

Meanwhile, I love these golds and neutral colors, and am thinking about painting marigolds next. They are gold and yellow and sunny, aren’t they?

peony oil painting

2 comments on “Peonies on Gold

  1. Pretty, but not my favorite of your work! I can see how challenging it would be to capture all those subtle shades.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      Yep, it felt pretty impossible (although worth a shot!). And flowers are so hard. I think I love mountain landscapes best. I need to do a barn sometime soon 🙂

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