fresh washed ramps

Pickled Wild Ramps

We’ve harvested plenty of wild ramps in the past few weeks, and this time I made sure to get an extra handful to make into refrigerator pickles.

Bandanna with wild ramps
My purple bandanna with a few wild ramps

Like the refrigerator pickles I made with cucumbers, these were super easy. In order to preserve the bright green color of the ramp leaves (always eat the ramp leaves, too; they are just as delicious), I decided to blanch the cleaned ramps for a few seconds in boiling water. Then I dumped them into a colander and rinsed them with cool water, and dropped them into my little Ball jar.

To make the brine, I started with about a half cup of white balsalmic vinegar, added a cup of water, then started putting in my brining spices. These are always different, but today I chose fennel seeds, black pepper, crushed red pepper, ground ginger, and kosher salt. I added some tea from this chai tea mix because it has black tea in it, and that will preserve the crispness of the ramps.

Brining spices
Brining spices for pickled refrigerator ramps

I also added a little sugar (not pictured, and I actually used stevia this time) to give it the amount of sweetness I like.

Then I just poured it over my ramps to fill the jar, capped it and left it on the counter for a day to soak in nicely. I didn’t actually have a full jar of ramps, but I will probably eat these and have more to drop into this jar in the next week or so. You can easily reuse the brine for three weeks or more.

Oh, and Pippi helped me with the photographs.

Pippi watching me photograph the pickled ramps
Pippi watching me photograph the pickled ramps
Pippi approved pickled ramps
Pippi-approved pickled ramps

Then I put it in the fridge, and it should easily last several weeks.

*These are not “canned” in the traditional style, so you can’t put them on the shelf and expect them to keep for a year or so. Making refrigerator pickles (in this case, ramps) is simply a way to prepare a handful of fresh veggies in order to enjoy them for longer than you’d be able to keep them fresh.

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