Plowing time oil painting 12x16

Plowing Time: Revisiting My First Oil Painting

I decided to go back and revisit the subject matter of my very first oil painting today, and it was interesting trying the plowed field again.

For one, I understand a bit better how the paints work. For another, a 12×16 canvas is MUCH easier than the tiny 4×6 I painted on before.┬áSkies are still hard for me. I still tend to overwork things. But I enjoyed doing this again!

Wonder what would happen if I did it again a year from now?

Plowing time oil painting 12x16
Plowing time oil painting 12×16

I’m still committed to painting once a week, but I keep hoping I will push myself and add a second weekly session.

Send me Double Oil Painting Energy, y’all. If I pull it off, I’ll give you all the credit! Ha, I just realized what that acronym is. ­čśé


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And if you simply cheer from the sidelines (or even tell others about my work), I will be super happy with that, too!


2 comments on “Plowing Time: Revisiting My First Oil Painting

  1. I like that a lot. And admire your commitment to a weekly painting session. I need to think about that for my writing.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      I have always needed super-specific goals, I think. When I was writing books, it was always some number of words daily, usually in buckets of 1000. When it was getting poems published, I set the goal of getting 100 rejections in a year (which also resulted in a surprising number of acceptances!). But I have kinda lagged behind in painting. I’m doing it less for a career and more for personal satisfaction now, and it seems a little easier to slack off! Would love to hear more about how you are thinking about or approaching your writing goals…

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