Red-Roofed Lighthouse oil painting

Red-Roofed Lighthouse

I enjoyed painting this little red-roofed lighthouse, which is actually the Cape Blanco lighthouse in Port Orford, Oregon.

And while I’m learning a lot, and starting to get the feel of this new painting medium, I keep thinking I’m missing something. Not sure what it is, or how to figure it out except by continuing to explore.

Someday I will find the right subject matter, the style, the kind of art that is particularly me.

Red-Roofed Lighthouse oil painting
Red-Roofed Lighthouse oil painting

The next thing I plan to do is to gesso some of my watercolor paper—which will let me use oils on a paper originally made for watercolors. In addition I have some watercolor paper that is slightly larger in size than these little 8×10 canvas boards—and I’m eager to see what it feels like to paint a little bigger. It’s also a good way to use some of my watercolor paper!

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