Daffodils before the storm

Studio & Storm Daffodils

Last week I visited my friend Kathy’s studio to paint with her. She had daffodils in a little blue jar that I worked from, and I got to use her paints, canvas, and palette knives. She is a wonderful teacher and I learned so much.

I haven’t finished my painting yet, but still plan to try once more and capture one of my very favorite flowers.

Here’s the painting Kathy had just finished, which I used for inspiration with regard to style and color. I wish you could see it live; the photo just doesn’t convey the incredible color and texture nearly as well.

Kathy's daffodil painting
Kathy’s daffodil painting

This is the jar of daffodils she was painting from; it was still sitting on a table in her studio.

Kathy's Studio daffodils
Kathy’s Studio daffodils

Here’s a link to some of Kathy’s other paintings. I’ve written about her here before (scroll all the way down and she’ll come up in the Recommended Posts below); she’s an amazing artist and a friend I treasure.

Later in the week I went out to pick daffodils in heavy winds and a light rain that was the forerunner of another couple of days of freezing temperatures and snow. You can see the handle of our snow shovel propped against the deck railing, ready to clear away the steps and walk.

Daffodils before the storm 2
Daffodils before the storm
My dad calls these jonquils
My dad calls these jonquils

Despite spring’s bursts of snow (and we had a good hailstorm as well this week) the daffodils aren’t quite finished with their bloom season, so I’m treasuring them while they are here.

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