Summer sunrise final

Summer Sunrise Oil Painting

This morning I was headed over the mountain and had to stop, because the incredible light of the sunrise under a heavy sky was so stunning.

I thought about it all day, and when I got home, I decided to try a painting.

However! This is only my second painting, and I don’t have any idea how snow will work (yet!) in oils, so I changed my focus a little bit to make it a sunrise over a summer landscape.

The first oil I painted was 4×6 inches, and felt uncomfortably small, so today I used an 8×10 canvas, and in retrospect, I could easily have painted larger.

Summer Sunrise oil painting
Summer Sunrise oil painting

It came together fairly easily, and while I can see things I might change, I also feel very good about some things I got right. My favorite bit is actually how easy it was to suggest little details in the landforms without actually painting them in.

Nice, right?

AND, I feel like I’m ready to try snow.

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