Three Roses Oil Painting

In honor of my third ever oil painting (!), I decided to paint three roses in a silver teapot.

I enjoyed this one, and almost stopped in time for it to be just about where I wanted it. Overworking seems like my main issue in oil painting just like it was in watercolors, but I don’t mind continuing to learn. I’ll get there eventually!

I really like these three roses, and in particular the white one on the right, plus that sassy little teapot foot sticking out in the light there.

Three Roses Oil Painting final
Three Roses Oil Painting final

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And cats. Can’t forget the cats!

2 comments on “Three Roses Oil Painting

  1. I have always wanted to paint, but I doubt I would be any good at it at all. Your work is just lovely, Lisa.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      You’re kind to say so, Susanna! And I bet there is some creative outlet you enjoy: baking, photographs, canning, gardening, sewing, etc. There are so many things to enjoy making!

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