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Thrifted Treasure, Jeep Ducks, Beach Eats, & Juice Box Jesus

So much ahhhhhh

I’m not a city person any more. And Kitty Hawk has definitely changed since I was out there last, which was probably 15 years ago. It’s busy now. There’s a lot of traffic and a lot of people.

But we camped out on an island in the sound, and took our days pretty easy.

We spent mornings on the beach before the crowds arrived, afternoons in the camper reading and napping, or here and there a trip to the aquarium, the library, or a local shop. Our evenings were about finding or making something for dinner. Then more reading and movies on Lance’s laptop, and plenty of sleep.

Thrift Store Treasure

Lance and I had in mind that we would visit all the thrift stores in and around Kitty Hawk, in search of, you know, treasure. Pirate treasure, or any other kind.

And while we didn’t end up with much (I found a beach skirt, so I guess that counts!), one of the thrift stores we visited had a weaving studio in the back!

The store was called Hotline Too (in Nags Head, NC), and they fund support services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

Weaving up close
Weaving up close

In the back of the store there were six beautiful wooden looms, and three women were busy turning thrift store fabrics—old clothes and other textiles—into colorful weavings. The weavings are sold in the store, and they offer lessons and loom time as well.

The weavers were cheerful and we chatted for about half an hour while they worked; definitely an unexpected, and delightful, beach find.

Duck Duck Jeep

If you’ve never heard of Jeep ducking (or the Duck Duck Jeep game), it got started in 2020 as an act of kindness after a rather dark experience a woman had on the road in Canada.

Now Jeep (particularly Jeep Wrangler) owners leave ducks on other Jeeps as a sign of encouragement and levity, a reminder that there’s fun and goodness in the world. And while it started that way, it’s not just Jeeps any more; any kind of car can get ducked.

To date, my Jeep has been ducked 6 times.

Jeep Ducks
Jeep Ducks

There are only 5 ducks in my photo because the first time it happened (at Hidden River Cave in KY last year ), I didn’t know what it meant, and thinking a child had misplaced it, I left it on the car next to me. Nowadays people put fun little notes on the ducks, which I love reading.

While we were in Kitty Hawk eating at Capt’n Franks (hot dogs and bbq, eat outside on their upper deck!), our Jeep was double ducked, with one duck on each of our front door handles. There was a short, encouraging note tied to each one.

I just ordered my own set of ducks so I can pay it forward!

Lance & Lisa at Jeannette's Pier
Lance & Lisa at Jeannette’s Pier

Best Beach Food, Ever

For this trip I did a little research in advance and found out what everybody in Kitty Hawk already knows about the cheapest seafood around.

Hurricane Mo’s, conveniently on the beach across from our favorite (free!) beach access point, has Happy Hour every day from 3 to 5 pm, and the peel-and-eat shrimp are twenty-five cents apiece. Wings are fifty cents, and tacos are a dollar.

Lance and I can eat a plate of 60, and with my margarita, our tab on each of the three nights we went was under $20.

Hurricane Mo's Order
Hurricane Mo’s Order

Fair warning: the parking lot is full and people are parked all over the grass and up and down the street by 3 pm. But the wait is not long (especially if you don’t mind sitting at the bar, which we didn’t).

Bonus item was Mo’s upper deck outdoor bar, where we found a musician providing good music and song each of the times we were there. You can sip your drink and enjoy the ocean breeze and some tunes after eating all those shrimp; what could be better?

More great beach food

1. The fresh pralines and chocolate-caramel apples at a shop in the Kitty Hawk Kites building. So good.

2. Jack Brown’s—Top notch burger and fries in a gritty 80’s punk venue (with music to match). They do NOT serve lettuce and tomato, or ranch dressing, and are pretty cranky if you ask.

Actually, they’re just pretty cranky.

It’s part of the punk vibe, I guess, and it suited us.

Jack Brown's punk-ass burger joint
Jack Brown’s punk-ass burger joint

3. Stack ‘Em High—BEST breakfast on the beach. We stood in a line that stretched out of the restaurant, around the side of the building, and out into the parking lot, and it was worth the wait. Incredible biscuits the size of dinner plates, such good bacon, pancakes, and all the rest.

There was a little boy, maybe 3 years old, at a table near us, who was watching his mother top the family’s stack of pancakes with butter and syrup. Then, as she looked away, he grabbed the top pancake off the stack and pressed the entire thing to his face, syrup-side in. He was the Happiest. Boy. Ever.

His mom just sighed heavily and peeled it off.

4. Front Porch—Best dry cappuccino and pain au chocolat (my ALL TIME favorite pastry), plus you can pet all the doggies that are there with their owners, collecting love and scratchies.

Juice Box Jesus

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a Jesus sticker on someone’s car that I couldn’t decipher. What is that guy holding? I wanted to say it was some kind of Jesus of the Burning Heart (it’s a thing, look it up), but the more I looked, the less I was certain.

Juice Box Jesus
Juice Box Jesus

It looks like a juice box to me. Or more accurately, one of those Capri Sun juice pouches. Capri Son, ha.

I like the idea of a Juice Box Jesus. That’s a guy I want to know, right? He’s friendly and hydrated, and I bet he’ll share. He probably just came from a Little League game.

But I dunno. Could also be a parakeet.

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sherry Siddall

    A fun read Lisa. Jeep Ducking is new to me. I shared.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      Thanks for sharing it! It has been a lovely thing in our lives; doesn’t take much and it feels nice, y’know? 🙂

  2. Oh, it all sounds like such fun! I haven’t been to the Outer Banks since 1995, and I miss it like a lost tooth. But as you say, it has changed much since I was there.
    Love the descriptions of all the food. You ate well!

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      We did eat well; gosh we love seafood and breakfasts. But we also shopped regularly at the grocery, and splurged on sushi and hot, fresh slices of pizza there. Yep. FOOD. Almost as good as BEACH, ha. 🙂

  3. Thomas Tatem

    I am a Jeep Wrangler owner and in the NW it is a small toy Jeep that will live on your window that kinda looks like your Jeep…. I just put it in the console until a nurse colleague told me it’s a thing…..

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      A toy Jeep!! I’ve never seen that. (Jeep Wranglers are awfully fun, aren’t they?)

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