Tiny Bright Speedwell in Bloom, Last Winter Offering, Rainbow Cat Butt

Speedwell, or veronica, is an interesting little… or medium-sized… or quite large plant. There are a LOT of different speedwells.

We have at least two kinds growing wild here on the mountain, this tiny-sized groundcover-type speedwell (photo below), and a much larger one called water speedwell (photo on a different post). Water speedwell’s blooms are still tiny, but the stem and leaves are much bigger.

The blooms on the one below are smaller than a pencil eraser. Eensy-weensy. But lovely and blue, with stripes!


(One year I brought home a speedwell from the plant nursery that had tall purple spikes on it. It didn’t even bear a resemblance to either of the two growing here!)

Speedwell has a wealth of healing properties, and makes a very nice tea:

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In addition, I collected what I suspect is my last winter “bouquet” of the year; one of last year’s dried daylily stems with seed heads, and a couple of sprigs of dried mint blooms. I think the daylilies have such pretty seedheads; they look like a flower themselves. (Oh, plus a hickory nut.)

Daylily seed pods, mint head, nut offering
Daylily seed pods, mint head, nut offering

These are sitting on top of an old bird house that used to be attached to one of the five hickory trees we had to take down a year or two ago. But I love its faded yellow color, and I left it sitting on one of the hickory stumps so that it might keep on doing good work serving as a mouse house.

Finally, we’re in what we call “morning rainbow” season. We have several stained glass windows in our house, and on sunny mornings during this time of year, they tend to throw rainbows on our kitchen table or the couch.

Today one of them was stuck to Pippi’s hind end, and she didn’t appreciate all our fuss about it.

Pippi with a rainbow on her butt
Pippi with a rainbow on her butt

Too bad, Miz Rainbow Butt! 😆

2 comments on “Tiny Bright Speedwell in Bloom, Last Winter Offering, Rainbow Cat Butt

  1. Love the rainbow butt! That’s priceless.
    Speedwell is such a pretty thing. I have been enjoying all the very early wildflowers. Still looking for coltsfoot and blood roots though. Maybe I missed them, but that seems odd.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      I find coltsfoot mostly in the roadside ditches. We used to have it blooming alongside our gravel drive, but last year the electric line people came and cleared trees where we normally see it, and it didn’t show up this year. I like them, too. Very bright and sunny, and they get here even before the dandelions!

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