Red tulip, cut before the snow

Tulip Before the Snow

Yesterday afternoon brought a late sleet followed by a beautiful snowfall, so we went out in the dimming light to cut a handful of daffodils, which would be killed by the hard overnight frost.

And most years we have this one red tulip that grows on the mountainside by the house, likely planted by some gardener years ago. Sometimes the deer eat it (they never bother the daffodils), but this year Lance put a chickenwire cage over it just in time.

However, this beauty would not have made it thorough the sleet, snow, and frost, so we cut it, still closed, last night. This morning it was wide open and shining.

I only wish we’d brought in some bees to enjoy it, too.

Daffodils and tulip rescued from the snow
Daffodils and tulip rescued from the snow

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  1. Beautiful!

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