two potted plants oil painting

Two Potted Plants Oil Painting

After wiping off painting after painting in the last few weeks, this one felt successful and fun. I remembered I could sketch and doodle (instead of paint) last week, and that seems to have kick-started something for me.

When I went to paint this week, I sketched first, then just played in the oils (maybe too much, but who cares?!) until I wanted to stop.

It was fun!

Two potted plants oil painting
Two potted plants oil painting

If you’re interested in seeing the paintings in progress (as well as the finished pieces), and if you’d like to support the arts (and Yours Truly), I’d be thrilled for you to join my Patreon.

Oh, and here’s the original photo I worked from. Thank you, Abbie Tanner, for your pretty catch!

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