freshly washed ramps

What I Do With the Ramps I Forage

People often ask me what I do with all the ramps I harvest on our mountain, and the answer is really pretty simple: I use them like you would use onions.

This weekend, I made a coconut curried chicken (with rice, mango, and lime), and in place of onion, I used some of my freshly harvested ramp bulbs and greens.

Coconut curried chicken with ramps
Coconut curried chicken with ramps

Some also went into scrambled eggs, and I am still planning to pickle the rest of my ramp bulbs, but it depends on how much cooking I do between now and then. They may not make it that long.

We go through some ramps!

PS: I always cut the roots and some of the bulb off the ramp and replant them.

2 comments on “What I Do With the Ramps I Forage

  1. Aren’t they delicious? I have never tried to pickle them. I bet my husband would love them though. Maybe next year.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      You don’t want to pickle the green leaves, for the most part. I did that the first time and they just got mushy. Now I only pickle the bulbs. And I just do “fridge pickles”, which is easy.

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