white violet bouquet

White Violets and Pretty Brown Spider

Lance and I hiked with the cats up the East Ridge and absolutely enjoyed the wealth of white violets coming into their bloom.

white violet bouquet in sunshine
white violet bouquet in sunshine

There are yellow and purple violets, too, but the whites dominate on that particular trail. They seem to love the dappled shade (and possibly the rich, moist soil?). They grow thickest in a big patch where wild ginger is just now putting out tender young leaves, but these particular violets rise up on long stems, well above the ginger.

This particular violet was hosting a pretty brown spider, so I left that one alone and picked others for my bouquet. There were plenty to share!

Spider on white violet
Spider on white violet

2 comments on “White Violets and Pretty Brown Spider

  1. They are so lovely. We don’t have them here, I have to go to the higher mountains to find them.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      Do you have plenty of purple and yellow ones, though? I seem to find those easily at lower elevations.

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