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Wild Apples and Heirloom Tomatoes

Soon I will send Lance out with instructions to bring me a wild apple pie.

Well, I’ll ask him to bring me the apples for a pie, anyway.

He picks up the apples off the mountain, peels them, and bakes them into fabulous pies, but I also do my part by requesting the apples, then appreciating and eating the pies.

Here are a couple of apples (plus a perfect acorn and some buckeyes) that came home recently in Lance’s hat.

Apples, buckeyes, and an acorn in Lance's hat
Apples, buckeyes, and an acorn in Lance’s hat

Our next door neighbor also dropped off some of the most delicious yellow tomatoes I’ve ever eaten. I think she canned a lot of them this year, because we both laughed over the idea of the yellow sphagetti sauce she’d be making this winter from them.

I made a little pile with wild apples, some of her tomatoes, and some other heirloom tomatoes I had bought at the farmer’s market earlier.

Tomatoes and apples
Tomatoes and apples

Here’s a plate of the yellow tomatoes, which look green in this light, but they really are yellow. And delicious.

yellow tomatoes (looking green)
yellow tomatoes (looking green)

I don’t mind the idea of yellow spaghetti sauce! If it tastes this good, I’m happy.

Bonus: Here’s a round, curly Pippi. You’re welcome!

Pippi in a curly whirl
Pippi in a curly whirl

2 comments on “Wild Apples and Heirloom Tomatoes

  1. How wonderful to have someone not only find the apples, but make the pie. The tomatoes sound so good; my husband dearly loves the yellow ones, and especially the pink and yellow striped tomatoes.

    • Lisa Creech Bledsoe

      I used to be the one who did all our baking, but in recent years he has made the effort to learn, and I have 100% enjoyed his efforts!

      And I definitely agree: stripey tomatoes are not only delish, but so pretty, too!

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