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Wild Violet Tea

Yesterday we were working up in the bee yard, and while Lance handled the hives, I decided to take a break to gather violets, which grow by the thousands up there, to make tea.field of violets and mint violets in dish

I was picking into a glass loaf pan, because I’d already filled my foraging bucket with greens (chickweed, purple deadnettle, dandelions) for dinner.

You can also include the violet leaves in your tea (or in your salad or dinner greens), but I decided on just the flowers for my tea.

greens for dinner
wild greens for dinner

When I got back to the house, I washed my violets (and a few sprigs of wild mint, also growing in the field with the violets) and put them in a quart jar with a bit of water to sit overnight.

In the morning, I poured hot water in, added a spoonful of dried chamomile tea, and let it infuse for an hour or so; I typically make a quart of tea every day for my mid-morning drink (nettle tea is my favorite, watch for that, coming soon).

violet tea after infusing
violet tea (with camomile and mint) after infusing

When I was ready for my tea, I simply poured it through a strainer and into my glass, added a spritz of lemon and a fresh mint sprig, and voila. Voilet tea.

violet tea with mint

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